Quick Cooking Sesame Tuna Steaks and Nori Rice   
Tuna is a popular fish served as sashimi or as a sushi, it is also very delicious when lightly cooked. In this recipe, the sesame tuna steaks are coated with crunchy sesame seeds and are sautéed until the crust is golden, bringing out the nutty aroma of the sesame while

Ten Activities That You Have To Do In The Cook Islands   
The Cook Islands is also called Hawaii down under as its climate is almost the same as that of Hawaii’s. But nevertheless, the Cook Islands has had its share of the tourists and vacationers yet still retained its quaintness. Here are ten reasons, or activities, why people keep coming back

Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes   
Sometimes getting dinner on the table seems like a daunting task, but with a little preplanning, it can be quick and easy and even save you money. These quick and easy dinner recipes make getting dinner on the table faster than ordering take-out! This first recipe is great for the

Must Try Mexican Recipes   
Whether you like it hot and spicy or you’ve an inclination towards all things sour, Mexican recipes are the best thing for you. Here is a sneak peek into a few of the record favourite Mexican recipes. A Mexican spread is never complete without a Margarita. The lime Margarita in

Bring Variation to Your Meals By Consulting a Cooking Blog   
Eating is a necessary part of life that helps keep us healthy and helps sustain our bodies. Many of the foods require that they be cooked in order.  Sometimes the way that we cook things on a regular basis can be boring and unexciting. You can bring life back to