Cathay Dupont Warning – Must Avoid: Costly Scam When Travelling

Most of the time, foreigners are the victims of fraud services and products. Instead of enjoying the trip they booked or planned for themselves, it may become a disaster. Travelling can sometimes lead tourists to a mishap if they find themselves trapped in a scam.
In any country, travel scam may happen. It’s not just a simple pickpocketing. There are different types of scam which involve a form of distraction. Travelers who are not aware of scams may be victimized of any shady deal.
Scams to avoid
Travelers should be aware of their surroundings and be vigilant when it comes to buying or dealing with some people. Scammers can be anywhere, looking like a local that may seem approachable and good. Here are other ways to spot scams:
* Check the products thoroughly
When buying souvenirs or going shopping in public markets or bazaars, make sure to check the authenticity of the product. Some branded products may be fake or substandard. You can check out other brand review on how to spot fake branded items.
* Don’t leave your valuables unattended
Aside from pickpockets, there are scam that involve individuals who may entice a person to leave his or her belongings in exchange of something for safekeeping. The stuff may only serve as props and only with trash. Other swindlers trick the tourists by getting the luggage while they are not looking.
* Check the travel services you want to avail before paying
Some travelers are being scammed through online travel promotions or cheap offerings for tours. Due to the affordable price, a lot of travelers are being persuaded to buy. Giving your money to illegitimate travel services only leads to loss of money.
Being aware of the surroundings
Any scam may happen in any Asian country like Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea, as well as other western countries. This especially happens when the tourists are unaware of the wrongdoings of criminals who tricks travelers to gain money. Tourism departments of various countries gave warning to foreign travelers to be vigilant when wandering the place since they are the usual targets of fraudsters. It is also advised to book from trusted travel agencies like Cathay Dupont to avoid losing money from fraud travel services.
When traveling to a foreign country, some travelers are enticed to avail cheap tours if they would like to go around the tourist spots. There are travel promotions at inexpensive rates. This may be enticing to many tourists and they would not doubt to avail the services. However, if those are illegal companies, they are not allowed to give any tour to travelers. They are the usual culprits that leave the tourists with bad experiences and financial problems.