Ten Activities That You Have To Do In The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is also called Hawaii down under as its climate is almost the same as that of Hawaii’s. But nevertheless, the Cook Islands has had its share of the tourists and vacationers yet still retained its quaintness. Here are ten reasons, or activities, why people keep coming back to this wonderful haven.

1.) Canoeing in the Cook Islands

Canoeing in the Cook Islands photo
Photo by Christina Spicuzza


This is a great and fun activity that the Cook Islands offer. Here, you can rent a canoe and go to the other small islets located allover Muri Lagoon. This is a great way to relax and, at the same time, have an exercise as you row and enjoy the wonderful scenery around you.

2.) Kayaking in the Cook Islands

Just like canoeing, this is also a wonderful thing to do. Not only do you get some form of exercise as you visit one islet to another, but the wonderful sight of the clear blue waters and the clear skies is enough to make you fall in love with the place. This is also a fun activity to share with a loved one.

3.) Riding the glass-bottomed boat

If you are tired of canoeing or kayaking or if you do not want to row, then it is best if you ride the glass-bottomed boat in the lagoon. This is a good way to see the Cook Island’s native marine life without getting wet. This is a perfect alternative to snorkeling or diving.

4.) Snorkeling in the Cook Islands

If you want to get close and personal with the marine wildlife, then you should try snorkeling. There are so many corals here that are home to thousand of species of fishes that their sight will truly be a magnificent one. Plus, you also have the assurance that there are no sharks or poisonous sea snakes nearby that can scare even seasoned divers.

5.) Scuba diving in the Cook Islands

If snorkeling is not enough for you, then dive deep down to the corals and stay for a longer period of time. This way, you will get the adventure of your lifetime without interruption. You can also try Cook Islands’ many caves for a cave diving experience.

6.) Gamefishing in the Cook Islands

This activity is perfect for the avid fishermen who are on vacation. The Cook Islands is home to a lot of gamefish like marlin and yellow fin tuna. Who knows, you might catch the biggest fish you have ever caught here.

7.) Hiking in the Cook Islands

Tired of activities done in the sea? Then it is time to go hiking and nature walks. The best place for you to take your nature walks as well as enjoy the magnificent view of sea and land is the Rarotonga where you can see a myriad of birdlife as well as other animals native to the islands.

8.) Sightseeing in the Cook Islands

There are so many places to see here like the Marae or sacred places. You can also visit the islands’ CICC Churches in Rarotonga. For an unforgettable view, you should also visit the Seven Coconut Trees as well as the Ara Nui O Toi.

9.) Participating in the Cook Islands’ culture

Of course, there will be dancing and lots of it. You can participate in the islands’ native dance. Dancing their native dance is very sensual, and thus, this is a wonderful prelude to honeymooners who are on their honeymoon in the Cook Islands.

10.) Touring the Cook Islands

This is also a great way to spend your vacation here. You can take a guided tour of the Cook Islands and get to see many more places you might not have seen when you explore the islands on your own. Be amazed at the Cook Islands’ wonderful sights.