Must Try Mexican Recipes

Whether you like it hot and spicy or you’ve an inclination towards all things sour, Mexican recipes are the best thing for you. Here is a sneak peek into a few of the record favourite Mexican recipes.

A Mexican spread is never complete without a Margarita. The lime Margarita in specific, is the ideal manner to kick start a Mexican meal. The drink is a combination of premium tequila with lime and Triple sec. Combine these ingredients together and you’ll have a fantastic cocktail that will fascinate all. You can add to the drinks appeal by garnishing it with fresh lemon wedges.

Saucy and spicy
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Mexican food also includes spicy and saucy appetizers and preparing them is not as complicated as it might seem. Bring together some tortillas and meat and add fried bean and cheese to it. Top it off with spicy salsa sauce and your authentic Mexican starter is prepared to be served. You can additionally experiment with the ingredients according to your tastes and preferences.

The Mango Salsa is an additional cool Mexican recipe that you must try. This one is a great twist to the age old recipe. It makes use of tomato and cilantro as the base together with pieces of mangoes. Add to this a brilliant blend of tomatoes, seasonings, onions and chilies. The tropical flavours combined with a liberal dose of spicy seasonings make this one a wonderful preference.


The Guacamole is an additional famous Mexican dish that you simply

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must try. It isn’t a full dish alone but serves as the ideal topping for many other dishes. It could also be used as a dip for starters or as a chip topper. This chunky mix is made of avocado together with lime juice, and cilantro which gives it an exclusive taste.

Roasted salsa is 1 of the oldest and and hottest recipes of Mexico. No Mexican type fiesta is complete without it. The secret ingredients of the recipe include tomatoes and onions blended with a lot of chilies. The hazy flavor of the recipe makes it an ideal add on for any other Mexican dish. If you want to enhance the piquancy of the dish, you can consider adding jalapenos to it.


The Tequila twist is yet another Mexican staple which has gained worldwide recognition. This heady cocktail is a lighter and breezier version of the intense regular tequila. This concoction is made of a combination of orange and strawberry juices with premium tequila and has a fruity but powerful flavor. Garnish it with ripe strawberry as a finishing touch.

So, wait no more. Try out any of the given Mexican recipes and you are all ready to savor the taste buds of your near and dear ones.

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