What are some perfect desserts and beverages on a dinner date at Singapore?

Milk chocolate and sherry wine

If you want to enjoy the perfect first date with your partner you should visit a restaurant serving the best Chinese cuisine in Singapore. You will be able to order the traditional wine from the Chinese mainland when you visit an authentic restaurant in the country. The sherry wine is a wonderful beverage that will help you lighten the moods and gift you with a wonderful time. If you order a glass of wine for the two of you along with a few portions of milk chocolate, you will definitely have sweet memories about your date.

Apple Pie and White Wine

Apple pie is one the best dessert dishes that you can order at the fabulous restaurants in the country. If you want a stunning combination of the perfect dessert and beverage, you should order it along with a bottle of white wine. Make sure that the bottle you order is from a reputed brand and you will enjoy each and every drop to the fullest. This combination would be the perfect way to enter a fabulous supper in Singapore. A girl will definitely love a man who knows to order the perfect combo and you are definitely in for a treat if you choose apple pie and white wine.

Apricot Pancakes and Beer

There are quite a lot of people who drink no other alcoholic drinks other than beer. If you or your partner falls in this category you should try out apricot pancakes with a bottle of beer. Apricot pancakes are extremely scrumptious and you will not stop with your first order especially when you empty a bottle of beer. You will be able to enjoy some real cozy moments during your date when you order beer and apricot pancakes. The fizziness of the drink is complemented by the sweet taste of apricot.

Cranberry cocktails and cream

When you take your girl out on a date and is not quite sure about what to order, you can any day choose cranberry cocktails. Mojitos and coolers of different varieties can be ordered in Singapore which is served in Cranberry flavor. Most of these cocktails use vodka and lemon juice along with cranberry extracts to give a sizzling taste to the drink. If you order it with a whip of cream, you will definitely be making the perfect dessert and beverage order on your date night.

Cheese cake and Whisky

If you want to enjoy late night dining in Singapore on your date, you should visit one of the elegant whisky bars in the country that serve different varieties of cheese cake. Scotch whisky and American whiskey are both extremely good when ordered along with cheese cake. The combination of the strong and elegant alcoholic drink with the smooth dessert delicacy will be a treat to your taste buds. If you are careful with your choice of bar or pub and choose one that offers a stunning ambience, you will definitely have some memorable moments for a lifetime.

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