Non Veg, Mughlai And Sea Food Restaurants In India Gathering Crowd As Common Eating Spots

Eating outside has become one of the common phenomenon in India, where people go to restaurants, hotels and other eateries to have food. Some people do it for fun while some others have their own reasons of visiting such restaurants. Much of the increase in the concept of eating outside is because of the increase in number of restaurants of large varieties that are found in the country.

Every city has a number of good restaurants where delicacies from different cuisines and regions are available. These cuisines may not only belong to Indian origins, but also to the foreign origins such as Italian, Thai, Chinese, French, etc. And the best part is that people in India want to go to these restaurants and have a taste of the exotic food items. They find it not only inviting enough to go to such restaurants, but they have developed the interest to taste cuisines from different areas. Many reasons have been contributing to the rising popularity of food items. Eating outside is becoming common due to some reasons which warrant a discussion.

Accessibility –

* People, all over the country are increasingly having an interest towards food items which are being made available in the restaurants. Be in the non veg restaurants in India or the veg thali restaurants, people are sure to visit these restaurants.
* Every city nowadays has a couple of good restaurants, at the minimum, where one can go with family and friends and enjoy occasional dinner or lunch. Places where offices and corporate buildings are located are having such restaurants in large numbers as it enables the office goers to have their lunch in such places.
* With the metropolitan culture seeping into the towns in many parts of the country, the culture of eating outside is increasing.
* When tourists arrive in the various sightseeing destinations there ought to be a good place for their dining

Varieties –

* People are going out of their homes to the restaurants to taste the wonderful varieties in various mughlai restaurants in India, which offer a wide range of mughlai foods. These are not only tasty but also give an occasional chance to taste the variety of foods that are prepared in different cultures.
* Sea food restaurants in India is also a kind of enjoyment that people like to splurge on, occasionally. With more and more sea food restaurants in India opening up in many places, it is becoming cheaper for people to go to these restaurants and have meals with family. Such sea food delicacies are no more restricted to the coastal areas of India, but are being available in the large metropolis also, so that people can taste them.

It is common to find the non veg restaurants in India where food preparations of different types involving chicken, mutton and prawn are usual. But with the easy availability of mughlai foods and sea foods, people are looking at better reasons to go out of the house and skip cooking once in a while.

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Have the best steak!

A large number number of people enjoy having a great steak. However, people have their own opinions about what a good steak should consist of, based on their preferences. There are many Steakhouse Restaurants in Greater Worcester which claim to be the best. Nonetheless, simply claiming to be the best is of no good to the restaurant. The service it offers should exceed people’s expectations.

Firstly, the Steakhouse Restaurant in Greater Worcester should maintain cleanliness. The furniture and the fixtures at the restaurants should be well maintained. The staff at the restaurant also plays an important role in increasing its popularity amongst customers. It would be ideal if the servers are polite and can handle customer queries easily as well as give them recommendations. Making the customers wait for a simple and uncomplicated order is not a good option. A variety of options should be available so as to cater to different tastes and preferences. Lastly, the steak served at the restaurant should be of the best quality, a near-average steak will not do. The customer should be tempted to visit the restaurant again for its steak.

However, for many people who are first time visitors at a Steakhouse Restaurant in Greater Worcester, it is a difficult task to choose from a wide range of options available. Since they do not have much knowledge about the steak, they would rather choose one based on the price, than the cut of the steak. It would be ideal, if one does a little research on the different steak cuts, so as to have an enjoyable experience at the steakhouse. There are three cuts which are common in most of the Steakhouse Restaurants in Greater Worcester :

One of them is Filet Mignon which is also known as cute fillet or dainty fillet. The tenderloin part of a steer is used for this steak cut. It might be an expensive one since the meat used is the most tender.

Another type is The Porterhouse or the T-bone steak. It consists of a T-shaped bone with meat covered on both sides. The meat used is from the tenderloin and the short loin.

The rib eye steak uses meat from the rib section and not the loin parts. It is more tender and than the other cuts.

Having some knowledge about these cuts would help the customers choose the best option suited for them and enjoy the steak thoroughly.

Steakhouse Restaurants Greater Worcester – One of the best ways to find the finest Steakhouses Restaurants in Greater Worcester is to search for it online. You can get to know about the previous customer’s testimonials which can help you in selecting a restaurant for yourself.

Factors that count for a Spanish restaurant to be in the top 10 list

If you are looking for one of the top ten Spanish restaurant in Singapore, you should take a look at various factors. Spanish cuisine has a lot of followers in Singapore mainly because of the scrumptious meat varieties and the popularity of Paella over the world. Here are the top factors that count for a Spanish restaurant to fall in the top 10 list.

Authentic recipes

The menu options at a Top 10 Spanish restaurant in Singapore would provide you with all sorts of authentic delicacies. The paella, tapas and amazing suckling pig dishes would be found in the menu options. The choice of ingredients would also be conventional. You will be able to enjoy all the dishes in the traditional Spanish way. You can check with the waiter to verify the ingredients used. Even if you are new to Spanish cuisine, you can easily identify the traditional Spanish recipes with the help of the internet whenever you order a particular dish.

Native chefs

Availability of native chefs at the restaurant would promise you traditional food. The cooking methods used by the chef from Spain would be different from the ones who learn to cook the Spanish food from various institutes. The top restaurants in the country serving Spanish delicacies in the country will have many chefs from Spain. At least the head chef would be from Spain at these restaurants.

Innovations in conventional cuisine

If you are choosing a Spanish restaurant in the country that fall in the list of top eateries serving this variant of cuisine, you would definitely go back there often to enjoy your food. Now, if you have to go back there often, the food served should be extremely delicious and different from that available at other places. Hence, innovations in the conventional cuisine are an important deciding factor that makes a normal eatery one of the best Spanish restaurant in Singapore.


The top ten restaurants serving Spanish delicacies in the country would provide the customers with a wonderful ambience. You will feel happy when you pull your chairs and sit down by the tablet o place your order. The interiors would be excellent and it will provide you with a warm atmosphere. You would be able to choose the place as your company dinner venue too because of the splendid ambience.

Service quality

The top Spanish restaurants in the country would provide you with professional services. The staff will behave well right from the time you arrive at the place. They would greet you with a warm smile and direct you to a table according to the number of people accompanying you. The orders would be taken with care and the food be served in the best manner possible. You will feel satisfied when the bill is finally brought to the table.


When you consider a restaurant to be in the list of top 10 Spanish restaurants in the country, you should take a look at the location too. The restaurant should be located at a place that is easily accessible. If the place offers great facilities and provides a great view you will be able to enjoy your food better.

Popular for being one of the top 10 Spanish restaurants in Singapore, the Parrilla Singapore is widely preferred for hosting corporate dinner venues in Singapore. At this best Spanish restaurant in Singapore, you can get to taste authentic flavors of Spanish food. This Spanish restaurant is also loved for offering Cozy dining place in Singapore.

Indulge in a brunch experience

With a breath taking view over the Arabian Sea, Bay View is the place to start the perfect Sunday with a palatable and exquisite brunch. Every Sunday, Bay View organizes this special brunch where in parents can let their hair down and relax while their little ones can be engaged with cartoon & tattoo artist at the restaurant, thus making it a fun and frolic day.
Our Executive Chef and team have designed an exceptional menu for our guest “Brunch Near The Bay” giving a plethora of choices, including live counters, unlimited drinks, lavish buffet spread and a sinful desserts with chocolate fountain.
Trying to make it a fabulous Sunday, Bay View have also introduced a special kid’s menu along with the lavish brunch menu that includes Chocolate Chip Puppy Dog Griddlecakes, Jr. Chicken & Waffles, Funny Face Pancake, Jr. Ham & Egg Melt and City Slicker along with an array of Soups, Appetizers, Main Course, Deserts and Beverages.
Given below is our buffet menu crafted by Executive Chef Rishi Kapoor.











Venue: The Bay View, Hotel Marine Plaza

Rates: Rs. 2400 A.I for Alcoholic Buffet (Serving Unlimited I.M.F.L, Wine, Cocktail Brand
Rs. 1318 A.I for Non Alcoholic Buffet (Serving Coolers, Soft Drinks, Mocktails & Juices).

Timings: 12.30 to 15.00 hrs.

Date: 21st & 28th February 2016


Overlooking the Arabian Sea at the end of Marine Drive in Mumbai is the Hotel Marine Plaza, a fashionable, luxury hotel setting international standards in hospitality and comfort. Our fantastic and spell-binding location is best enjoyed from the rooftop terrace garden or the coffee shop. Most of our well appointed bedrooms and suites have the calming view of the Arabian Sea.

The Glass bottom pool and Jacuzzi on top of this fabulous 5-storey atrium bring out the ‘Unique Marine Experience’ concept of this Boutique Hotel. Hotel Marine Plaza prides itself on the friendly and courteous way it looks after its Guests. Our service is truly impeccable. Our rooms have been given five – star treatment with every amenity to soothe and satisfy the Guest.

The international character of the hotel is emphasized by an ‘Geoffrey’s’, ‘The Oriental Blossom’ – an Award winning Chinese restaurant which serves a tempting blend of the familiar with the extraordinary, and ‘The Bayview’, a 24-hour Restaurant , serving light meals and tantalizing desserts against a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea.

PR Manager
Hotel Marine Plaza

Sushi Bar : Differences In Them

You must go to a sushi bar if you are a person who always enjoys unlike international meal. A sushi bar is not a regular restaurant; it is just like any other modern western bar or pub.

Meant for group socialization and finger meal, a sushi bar allows for good meal to be served without it taking up space. With entertainment, be it shows, television or sports, the sushi bar blends western and eastern cultures.

Japanese sushi bars are very unlike from the sushi bar working in United States or Canada. Japanese sushi bar usually works like a fast meal hotel, where sushi feasts are running over a conveyor and picked up by the costumers. The cost of the sushi may be various with respect to the size of the platters and customers pay it after selecting their sushi.

In western settings a sushi bar is just another grill or a regular bar or a closer example might be sushi restaurants themselves. In United States or Canada few sushi bars tender previously prepared sushi feasts you just need to pick and pay.

If you are a regular customer of American sushi bars, you may get astonished by visiting sushi bars in Japan. Japanese bars are more conventional and unlike American sushi bars, their sushi is usually very unlike and adherent to conventional and non vegetarian sushi styles. For example; octopus, squid and other sea meal mostly accompanied the sushi which can be terrible for those who are not relaxed with seameal.

The major dissimilarity in sushi restaurant and sushi bar is seating arrangement and the way in which they work. Lots of people regard sushi bars inexpensive and faster than the sushi restaurants. That is why sushi bars usually preferred only for delivery or take out and their sushi dishes are inferior to the sushi dishes which are available at standard sushi restaurants.

When you go to a sushi bar to order sushi, you will have a variety of unlike condiments to opt from. normally, sushi is served with a soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi.

A conventional green tea called Ocha is usually taken with almost all the sushi %meal%s. Sake or Ocha has been served at American sushi restaurants. As the status of the restaurant gets higher you might have Sake alternatively. Japanese usually give preference to Mecha over Ocha, which is also a loaded green tea.

Obtain extra info on japanese sushi bar and how arrange sushi bar menu.

Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Gurgaon

Are you struggling to find out best Chinese food restaurants in Gurgaon..? Don’t worry, because your problem will no more, just visit buzzintown and get details about all cuisine restaurants in major Indian cities by localities. We have given the list of best Chinese restaurants below, just explore it and get your favorite place for dine out.

Yo China MGF Metrolpolitan Mall, Gurgaon
A chain of restaurants that took the Sino-Indian culinary blends to a new high with green chillies and greasy gravies, Yo China is all about commercialized Chinese of the fast food variety. The clean surroundings and lightening fast service has ensured an increasing number of regulars and the VFM tags on the chilli chicken and chicken in Sichuan sauce, spring rolls seems to have brought home the point with the purists.

Chinese Corner Vyapar Kendra, Sushant Lok:
Food is beaverishly good and the lads working at the joint ensure quality food is served every time. Sharpish service and gellow on the pocket.You will cherish the soups. It’s Not super authentic Chinese, but a lovely and savourish restaurant.

Mainland China DLF Cyber City:
Mainland China is such a big brand, for buffet lunches it is a nice place. The quality of Chinese food they offer is amazing. They have quite maintained their standard of the name china. i specially love their variety of soups and the taste too is not like of some Indian soups. crab curries was one of the thing i like in my order. The service also good. They serve very good fried noodles with prawns.

China Bowl DLF Phase 1:
China Bowl serve Superb quantity and great Chinese food. From long time they maintained the quality for their Amazing chicken mommos and crispy chicken. It is One of the favorite hang outs, which is never disappoint you.

Yo! China IFFCO Chowk Metro Station:
Yo China has maintained quality even after expanding.. Their signature appetizer tai chi chicken or smthin is amazing. They make nice dishes with black mushrooms. They have recently added a few Thai and Japanese items in their menu. So would you like to enjoy the real taste of Chinese food just go through this discussion and find a valuable Chinese food joint for you.

There are hundreds of top Chinese food options in Gurgaon, but we have summarized few of them as per the food quality and public recommendation. You can visit China Wall at Ambience Mall and Chinese & Thai Cafe Express DLF Cyber City. They also comes under best Chinese food junction.

Are you looking for restaurants? Buzzintown provide details about all restaurants in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and all major Indian cities.