Delicious recipe for muffins – kids’ special

If you consider the favorite dishes of any kid, they surely include the desserts. Although, they should be kept away from consuming a lot of sweets you can offer them some healthy sweets. Among such healthy desserts, muffins are the most vital items. None can resist warm and yummy muffins. Both the dry and wet constituents of muffins have individual benefits to offer. By choosing the correct base you can make your muffins less or more nutritious. Here comes a delicious and healthy recipe for muffins, especially for kids.

Healthy muffins

Here, you are going to learn the preparation of oats and yogurt muffins. Due to the healthy constituents and delicious taste, this muffin is pretty famous all over the world. It is preferred especially for kids to add up healthy ingredients in their diet. You can make use of these moist food items for a few days after preparation. Their smell and flavor can attract you even at the first glance. Most kids are not interested in yogurt and oats even if they are very healthy. Through this food item, you can supply the healthiest ingredients in a delightful and tasty way. It will be more interesting for you to do experiments on the recipes. The widely accepted flavors in this recipe for muffins are blueberry, banana, chocolate and cinnamon.

Ingredients required

As the initial step of making recipe for muffins, you should collect all the necessary constituents. The ingredients change the entire texture and upshot of a dish. If it is a healthy chow, the elements added have a huge role to play. They make the dish nutritious or innutritious. Ingredients of the muffin recipe are of two types, the dry elements and the wet ones. Oats, flour are all dry ingredients. Oats improve the fiber content of the dish more than any other ingredient. Oil, butter etc. form the wet components. All the other ingredients fall under nutritious add-ins. The most vital elements are rolled oats, vegetable oil, self-raising floor, sugar, plain yogurt, mashed banana and cinnamon.

Method of preparation

In the first step of preparation, mix the oats and sugarless yogurt thoroughly and leave it for some time until it soaks well. Cool it in the fridge for half an hour. Beat the egg, sugar and oil in a bowl and pour the mixture in the soaked oats along with the required flavor. Put equal volume of this mixture in an oiled muffin tray and bake it at 200 degree Celsius for a maximum of twenty minutes. It becomes spongy when you touch it and appears golden brown in color. Serve it with fresh oats and yogurt mixture. Even by seeing these yummy muffins, the kids will get excited. They will surely enjoy this treat.

These food combinations have a lot of possibilities to enhance the nutrition content of your diet. Numerous recipes for muffins are developed each and every day. By avoiding the less healthy constituents and adding the nutritious ingredients, muffins impart a valuable place in your diet. Take immense care in selecting the recipe for muffins either in homemade or packed muffins bought from the store.

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