Getting to Know Product Data Management in Google Shopping by Checking Out the Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

For searchers to locate lists of merchants selling a particular product together with pricing information, they can type product searches in Google Shopping, which is a paid custom search engine (CSE). The search engine was introduced on July 1, 2012, and changed to a completely paid cost per click (CPC) engine on October 17, 2012. Below are some of the FAQs people want answered about this certain CSE.

At what level are product data management procedures carried out in Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a comparison shopping engine where product data management is performed on the product and category bidding level, as opposed to being in the keyword bidding level used by major search engines. E-commerce merchants can control their product bidding through the Adwords login. To continuously send product data feeds, merchants have to utilize the Google Merchant login.

Will becoming a Google Trusted Store have a benefit in Google Shopping?

Google Trusted Stores are very likely to gain better relevancy on Google Shopping. Because merchants are required to give their shipping details to Google, Trusted Stores become a very easy means for Google to recognize which sellers are highly reputable. If you are eager to share your shipping information, demonstrate that you’re a trustworthy merchant, and are able to supply quality service, then being a Google Trusted Store can work for your relevancy significantly on Google Shopping.

Are comparison pages going to be removed?

Google says comparison pages on Google Product Search will not be eliminated with the arrival of Google Shopping. Actually, Google aims to make comparison pages much better to enrich the user experience.

How will Google Shopping be good for start-up companies?

Depending on what they choose to bid, budding businesses with limited spending plan may not be able to afford to post their products up on Google Shopping. Such companies are encouraged to use $ .01 bids to keep listings and compensate for expenditures.

Who can sell on Google Shopping?

Almost all types of businesses are permitted to list on Google Shopping. The only merchants not allowed are those that market tobacco and cigarettes, knives, cars, firearms and ammunition, gambling products, traffic equipment, and products that require a software purchase. For additional information about Google Shopping and its corresponding shopping feed management procedures, go to

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