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Pre-Owned Ultra-Luxury Brands

Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti,
Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus,
Maserati, McLaren, Rolls-Royce.

Pre-Owned Ultra-Luxury Brands

Shop for ultra-luxury certified pre-owned vehicles here.
These cars are verified, certified by manufacturers and dealers. Directly access the available inventory.

Good to Know

It is always easier to acquire a car close to home, but in this class of vehicle, please consider a model to suit your taste in an adjacent territory. It may not be the time to refuse compromise and reasonable transportation costs.
These brands offer a guarantee of first order, extended services. They often cover a maximum of territory, until a much later age as up to 10 years. The mileage is unlimited and several authorized expenditures can reach the value of your car with no deductible. All work where appropriate will be by trained and authorized technicians of the manufacturer and they will only use original parts.

Many of them will even honor their warranty even if you participate in events they organize for their client on the race tracks.

They will also check the origin of the vehicle and its authenticity, integrity and standards of the company during the period of ownership that has preceded you.

Finally, many of these vehicles from these manufacturers are part of their history and they treat them as well. They are produced in limited quantities and each vehicle carries the image quality of the company. Verification and perfect condition of the vehicle results in the fact that they can offer you a guarantee of up to two years or 7 years on the new Ferrari for example, transferable to second hand shoppers.
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